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Q.1 - October 5, 2008

I recently joined the Elijah Foundation after hearing great things about your organization.I am the parent of an soon to be 4 yr. old who was diagnosed with PDD-Nos at 21 mos. old. He is in his 2nd year of pre-school in a full day ABA program which has helped him tremendously. He is non-verbal but words are starting to emerge. I already had his IEP set for this year, but felt it would help him tremendously adding speech services at home. He was evaluated at the request of my district and obviously he did not do well in this area. I will be meeting in the next week or so to review the results of the speech evaluation with the district and hear their decision. I am not familiar with allowances in this area.  Do you happen to know what his maximum allowance for speech services would be?  I would appreciate any input you could provide on this matter.

The IEP is a working, living document.  Call, email, or contact his IEP case manager and schedule a meeting.  It is there you can request testing that would enable more services.  Do NOT mention the at home part initially as this information may impede the progress you intend. Always remember, as a parent you are like Dorothy and the Ruby Slippers; you hold more power than you know.
Good Luck,

Kim V. Callahan, Ed.S.

I have copied this to one of our Speech and Language Specialists.  Carolyn has years of experience in this area.  Carolyn - please see below.  I think that you may have some good information for Helen.  :)

I agree with Kim, you have power as a parent.  If you need - remember you can bring in your own experts or an advocate to help you, too.

Of course - each child is different and what is best for that child will be determined as a group and through that IEP.  You are very smart to get as much expert support as you can as this decision is made.  Please contact me at any time if there is anything else you need.

Also - I heard Dr. Richard Solomon speak this weekend at our Virginia CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) Conference.  You can find more information at .  He is doing some very interesting work with little ones through Play Therapy.  You might find this information helpful, too.

Good luck,
Dr. Hope Jordan

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